Monday, December 24, 2007

My Kansas City Renaissance

One of my all-time favorite television shows is Sports Night. The show Aaron Sorkin did before The West Wing only lasted two seasons, but packed in more memorable moments than almost any other show I've ever seen. Every few months, I go back and rewatch the whole series on DVD. I never get sick of it. However, in my most recent viewing of the series, one plotline in particular stood out for me. In one of the first episodes, the character Dan goes through what he calls his "New York Renaissance." He becomes mildly obsessed with the city of New York, its culture, history, and people. Dan (like every other character on the show) makes a long-winded speech detailing his newfound appreciation of his home. It's pretty entertaining stuff.

But, for me, it also has a ring of truth.

I may be having to move out of town in a few months, sufficiently far away that visits back to Kansas City will be seldom. The move isn't a done deal just yet, and it will probably only be temporary, but it is still freaking me out. I am beginning to appreciate things about this town that I had sometimes taken for granted.

My next couple blog entries are going to be both a written and pictoral celebration of Kansas City. I've been out and about the last few weeks, travelling through the city on foot and by car. And, I've taken quite a few photos with my cell phone. These photos capture things that I like about my hometown. Most have been taken in the past two weeks, although a few are a little older. I'll be sharing a few of these over the next few entries, or at least until I get this wave of nostalgia and regret out of my system.

12th & Broadway

Westport Rd & Pennsylvania

Skyline from around 16th & Baltimore

Woods near Lawrence, KS, 2006

Skyline from Truman Rd

Sunset in Brookside

The Writer's Place, Valentine & Pennsylvania

KC Star Printing Plant

Loose Park Rose Garden


Royals game, 2007

Standing downtown at 13th & Central

More to come soon...

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